Soča trout the trieste way

Clean and salt the fish and place it onto very hot grill. Bake it on very hot oil untill it looks golden-crispy and turn it around. Even though time of baking differs depending on the size of your trout it shouldn't be below 15 minutes. We cover the well-done trout with Trieste sauce which we prepare by mixing chopped garlic, parsley and oil. The side dish that we recommend would be potato-chard combination, which you easily prepare by sauteing garlic and chard and mixing it with cooked potatoes and a spoon or two of creme fraiche. Buon appetite!

Vegetarian sheep cottage cheese pie

Filling: 300 g Bovec sheep cottage chese, egg, 4 spoons of grits, 1 zucchini, paprika, 250 g corn, other vegetables by choice, cheese

Dough: 125 g white flour, 125 g full-corn flour, egg, 2 spoons of olive oil, 9 spoons of cold water, salt

We make dough by mixing all the ingredients and let it rest while we prepare filling by mixing cottage cheese, egg and grits in a bowl and bake or cook all the vegetables. We mix the two together and spice it (bazil goes very well with these ingredients!). We let it cool in the fridge and prepare the dough in the mean time.
We separate the dough on two pieces (a smaller and larger one) and roll the larger one on the size of our cake model + some additional centimeters for the edge. We place it on the oiled cake model, fill it with the stuffing and cheese and cover it with the rolled smaller portion of the dough. We bake it for 40 minutes at 180 °C and you got yourself a pie, mis(ter)!
A hint: Covering the hot pie with a wet cloth will make the dough soft and eazy to cut;)

 Ham&eggs as we like to prepare it in External link opens in new tab or windowStari kovač guesthouse

We bake thin ham slices on hot oil and add eggs.
When they are baked well we spice them with salt, pepper and hot chilli.

Dober tek!

Stuffed paprikas with sheep cheese

You'll need:
  • paprikas
  • sheep cheese
  • barley
  • egg
  • vegetables/minced meat
  • tomatoes
  • onion, garlic
  • herbs

We clean the paprikas and dry them on a cloth. We cook rice, barley, quinoa etc to 3/4 and add cooked vetetables (kale, leeks, onion etc.) and bake onion, egg, tofu or meat. We mix both stuffings in a bowl, spice it with herbs and add sheep cheese. We fill the paprikas with the stuffing and cook them in tomato sauce.

Tomato sauce:
We bake a spoon of suger on oil and mix until it caramelizes. We add onion, garlic and small pieces of ripe tomatoes. When they are nice and soft we pour in cold water and mash everything. If we like the sauce to be thick we thicken it by adding a lumpless mixture of 1 spoon flour/0,5 dcl water. In this delicious sauce paprikas need to be cooked untill they soften up, which takes abou 20 min. Dober tek!